Lodola flywheel removal

Some help please.
The generator drive belt on my 235GT has given up. So I need to source a new belt and get the flywheel off.
So does any one have a source for the belts,
and tips for getting the fly wheel off- particularly how to “lock the engine”. There appear to be two M8 tapped holes in the flywheel that I can then use a puller on.

The workshop manual shows a special tool to ‘lock’ the motor but doubt 1950s Guzzi special tools are easily found, but you’d be able to do it with an air impact gun if you have access to one, or if not with a scaffold pole and big spanner/ratchet and sticking it in gear and applying rear brake? Worth soaking the nut in your stuff of choice for a day or two first. Then you’ll need a puller as you have already mentioned, not too hard to make if you’re handy. Don’t know about the belt, I guess any fan belt type thing if right length. Brian Peck is the man who would know, he published a series of articles in Gambalunga, Don sent me some copies but I don’t keep them here, but think Don will be along soon…italianmotor2014-08-04 19:50:54

Thanks, I’ve got Brian’s articles. Where it you get the workshop manual, I’ve only managed to get hold of an owners handbook so far?

Here: Lodola 235 workshop manual (in Italian)

Fantastic. Just have to work on improving the Italian now! Grazie

In bocca al lupo allora!

Did you get the flywheel off then? You were asking about belts, I happened to be on the Simply Bearings website earlier and they have a good range, check 'em out: Belts

First task for Saturday is to set about removing the flywheel. All required tools are in place.
I have 2 Lodolas at the moment (one soon to go as the garage is beyond capacity) so will be able to remove the good belt and get some measurements.
Thanks for the link.

It’d be handy if when you measure the belt you’d be kind enough post it up here.

After some “special tool development” and the judicious use of a propane torch got the flywheel off. The v belt is 10mm wide at the top, 6mm deep, 5mm wide at the bottom, id approx 440mm. Simply Bearings list a Continental Belt with an inside id of 17.75" (451mm) that should work.

Thanks, handy to know that. Have you fitted the new belt? Might need one for my Lodola 175 by the looks of things…