Lodola fuel cap

I can’t figure out how to remove the pivoting arm that secures the fuel cap!

If it is like the Stornello, it literally just unscrews

Obvious! Thanks Don

(Don) It is and it does. Odd size so don’t knacker the head!Nick from Kent2013-02-19 18:40:30

Mine is a standard 6mm thread.Had to grind out the old sheared off arm from the tank I bought and cleaned it out with a tap. Anyone know of an of these going cheap, mine needs rechroming.

Don-Spada2013-02-20 01:24:28

If you can get reply to emails and acknowledgement of receipt of payment nonsolomotoguzzi can supply both the fuel cap and arm.

Available on ebay Italy for about 50 Euro, I just wondered if you knew of a source over here. I might get my old one rechromed.