Lodola ignition problems

Hi I am having problems with the ignition on my 235 lodola
I keep loosing the spark completely
I am so frustrated I am thinking of electronic ignition can anyone please advise on where and what to get
Thanks Kevin

I’m not familiar with the Lodola ignition, but I doubt it is that complicated. Looking at the wiring diagram, it has an external HT coil and points with a condensor.
Is the coil powered by the battery or from a coil winding inside the alternator? Check with a multimeter to see if you are getting 6V +ve onto the coil. If you are, replace it with a temporary feed direct from the battery +ve termainal and see if it runs OK on that, If it does, the fault lies in the ignition switch wiring or bad connection in the loom. If you gett he same problems, the fault must be in the coil or the points or condensor.

My Stornello system works of AC feeding the external HT coil. AC is produced in the alternator. This goes to the points and on up to the HT coil under the tank. The coil is charged when the points are closed and produce a spark when the points open and the circuit within the coil collapses. If it is like this, it will need an AC coil rather than a conventional DC one.

I would say it is more likely to be a DC system running off the battery. Battery power is fed into the HT coil by the grey wire. The black wire goes from the HT coil to the points. Opening the points causes the circuit within the HT coil to collapse and creates a spark in the plug.
What have you done to the bike? A regular error to make is assembling the points wrong and not isolating the spring metal piece from the engine casing.


Hi Don
I have very simple wiring as I’m planning on sprinting the bike
Wiring straight from battery to coil
Had a problem with the bike shorting out at the points fixed that then next day spark completely gone
This bike has not been together for a long while Have changed coil condenser and points
May well have to go back to basics again
Thanks Kevin

Look very carefully at how the points and insulating washers are assembled.
The other possibility is a faulty condensor.