Lodola light - high AND low beam?

Silly question it may seem, but does your Lodola have high and low beam, and I’m not including the parking light here?

New bulb (tried a few), checked all wiring, checked earths - so when I switch the handlebar switch, only on side of the two way switch gives something (high beam I think…). So, do you have both? (Last Lodola I had was 20 years ago…)
italianmotor2013-09-14 14:22:29

There should be a common power supply up from the main light / ignition switch to the dip switch on the handlebars, the dip switch then sends the power down one of 2 wires connected to either the high beam bulb or the low beam bulb. Not too sure if the Lodola is different but the Stornello, you turn the switch one way for main lights and the other for parking lights.Earth is via a common lead from the headlight bulb casing back to the frame.

You mean high beam filament? Must be the switch…

Have you wired the switch up correctly? The power lead up from the main ignition switch should go onto the common centre connection and the 2 wires going to the bulb holder should be on the 2 outer connections. I presume your dip switch just has 2 positions, some are made for indicators and have 3 positions.

Don, I didn’t really change the wiring on the switch, just checked/cleaned connections, it’s a 2 way, ledt it until I had all the other stuff sorted but now it;s th eonly thing from stopping me to take it for MOT, I will double check tomorrow all connections, thanks for suggestions

I would be tempted to pull all the 3 wires out and check the circuits work by touching them together, one at a time The switches is so simple, that can be checked with a multi meter. Check you have a circuit from the centre pole to each of the 2 outer connections as you flick the switch, and no connection between the 2 outer connections.

Yep, good idea.

Sorted it. Loose connection on the bulb holder - one of those times it looks fine and strong, then you waggle it, and the bulb flickers.