Lodola oil leak from exhaust pipe!

My Lodola 235 has started to drip oil when running from the joint between the exhaust down pipe and the silencer…anybody else experienced this and any ideas what is happening? There is no sign of oil leakage on the outside of the head and barrel…could it be a head gasket problem? Or ???

Cheers, Ben Tomlin

Hi Ben,
I don’t have a Lodola but I would suspect that the problem is either with your piston rings or valve guides. This would cause oil to blow into your exhaust. Is the bike smoky when running ?

Hello Ben
I 've returned my Lodola 235 on-the-road this summer after a 10 yr layup and am enjoying its excellent steering, ride quality and torque (for a 58 yr old bike).
My Lodola had similar symptons as yours for the 1st 100 miles or so with ‘oil leaking’ from the exhaust/silencer joint + minor weepage from various crankcase joints. I put this down , in part, to it’s long storage. These have gradually ceased. Having checked ignition, valve clearances, cleaned the carb, changed paper oil filter (1960’s Jaguar XJ part is FRAM equivalent to Guzzi @ 1/2 price and sourceable in UK easily), cleaned all ‘gauze’ filters on new oil-lines(PirTek-Worcs. made new ones for me for c£80) and added fresh SAE40 oil, I ventured out and have been pleasantly suprised what a fine motorcycle the Lodola is - Carlos Guzzi was clearly a very competant mechanical engineer / motorcyclist.
Back to oil leaks, having ‘re-torqued’ as many of the accessible nuts & bolts with the engine warm and still in the frame, the weepage has virtually ceased AND the oil drip from the exhaust ceased(?). Perhaps, for my Lodola, a sticking exhaust valve or carbon build now ‘burnt off’ was the root cause. My Lodola doesn’t appear to smoke either cold or hot. I’ll probably take the engine out in a couple of years for a stripdown/examination as I’m curious to understand it’s workings in any event.
I guess you could lift the valve / cylinder head off in situ and check for carbon build up , valve-seat condition and piston running clearances?
In passing, I’ve also fitted a ‘shut-off’ valve recently. This was bought off Ebay from an Italian source(I can let you have his contact details). This screw in/out shut off banjo-bolt replaces the original under the oil tank on the gravity feed into sump and cost about £50 posted -it does work!