Lodola rebuild in Gambalunga

I believe there was a series of articles in Gambalunga covering get the Lodola. Does anyone know the dates?

june - july 2010: camshaft and drive
oct - nov 2009: wheels and brakes
june july 2009: forks
april may 2010: p4
oct nov 010: p5
feb march 2009: frame
feb march 2010: p3
feb march 2011: p6

also classic bike may 95
the classic motorcycle july 2011

How anoraky is that!

Very useful articles by Brian Peck. Can lend if you pay postage both ways.


Anoraks are very useful! I’ll PM you about borrowing your collection.

Or it could be copied and sent in the post if easier. I also have the full set.

Thanks Don. I think I can get them all from Mike Lacey, and it would be good to have the back numbers anyway.

I’d be willing to contribute towards a copy too…

I have all the articles now- very useful. PM me if anyone would like copies