Lomo Dry Bags - any good??

I’m on a “mission” to Wales in the summer and planning for the worst ( :wink: )thought a dry bag would be a good idea for clothes/sleeping bag/etc.

Lomo apear to do a good range for a very reasonable price

40L Dry Bag Holdall:- £25.99 +P&P

20L Motorbike Dry Bag:- £11.50 +P&P

Bum Bag:- £11.00 +P&P

Leg Bag: - £13.5 +P&P

Anyone used them and are they any good?



My 40 Ltr is ok so far :slight_smile:

That’s a function of how long you’ve had it Chilly :wink:

If you got it last week then I would hope so

However, If you’ve had it since 1987 then I’d be mightily impressed :smiley: :smiley:

You know it never rains here in Wales… any bag will be fine!

Used it a few times here and abroad, seems to me to be well made and up to the job intended, good value for the money i reckon, still can’t get out of the habit of putting clothes in plastic bags tho :confused:

Bought one last year, used it plenty including a very wet Dragon last week, no problems, good value for money IMHO

I swore by Ortlieb until they sold out to Touratech

I have been using the 60ltr roll top bag ( yellow to match the Griso) for a few years now - an excellent bag, holds everything and just straps across to back seat / carrier. Excellent value for money and always dry inside (it has been well tested). You can’t go far wrong buying one of these.

Top piece of luggage had one to go to mandello last year, spent one day doing 500 miles in thepouring rain but not a drop of water got inside, recommended.


I bought a couple of ALDIs own brand roll top bags for less £10 each.
Used for trips to France, UK holidays etc.
As noted above a great piece of kit.
I also use mine when travelling by car, more robust and flexible than a rucksack.
Good luck with the trip


Thanks everyone - just need to decide whether I go for 40l or 60l :smiley: :smiley:

I got a bright yellow one, if it helps. :smiley:

I’ve got a 60l lomo which is the same width as my soft panniers when strapped across the seat. So neat and tidy plus very hi vis as a bonus, but if it’s not full and it holds a lot ,can be tricky strapping securely, stuff seems to move around. So I’m buying a 40l as well. I use rokstraps , what a brilliant invention.