Long gearbox to frame bolt

Could someone please tell me the length of this bolt please, and if it’s fitted with washers and a full or half nut?
I have just had a look at mine and it is fitted with a full nut but the bolt does not thread all the way into it.
I looked in the parts book and it doesn’t show washers either.

A simple outside from the head to the nut of the bolt would do thenks.

Any help appreciated Thank you!

Found the length in Gutsibits site 250mm, would be grateful if somebody could tell me about washers and nut,


It should have washers and a full nut but some after market items, my stainless version included, are undersized and do not allow you to get a full thread engagement with washers

The shoulder of the bolt is 250mm, but the bolt from the underside of the head to the end of the threads is 270mm, washer each end and a full nut, (measured from the one I’ve just taken out)

Thanks guys, mine does look a tad short, I have a long bolt here, about 295mm, but the correct dia, I may cut it down a bit and re thread it, so I can fit washers and a full bolt.