Looking for a guy who...

Hi, some time ago I posted an advert

*** Wanted - Small block engine block in sorrow state***
A damaged/unwanted block in any state, smashed, crushed, cracked, exploded - needed for a conversion

The advert is still on in our marketplace section, and there were two guys who answered, one quite distant, and one quite local to me, say, Midlands. I said yes, I am interested, I have your phone number, I’ll let you know - and quickly I lost the track - any chance somebody is reading this now and recognizes himself…? I went into new wave of interest into this project and defo want to make another step!

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There is what looks like a v50 on Ebay. Search under spares or repairs motorcycles…

I’m sure Ray Dunkley had one when he was running his aquablasting business. I’ll message him and see if the new owner of the business has it.
Edit. I have heard from Ray and the cases have gone.

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