Loop Brakes – Not

Starting to get few more mile under the wheels now, and so working my way through a few ‘issues’. My bike has the single sided TLS arrangement up front. And it’s piggin awful. The levers are set about right down on the hub but there is no real bite even when pulling the lever pretty much back to the bars. I’ve not delved in there yet but I’m thinking I’ll buy some new shoes and a cable before I even bother. I’m used to old Brit bangers with a SLS up front being pretty dreadful and this one is no better.

How good should I expect to be able to get this?

I managed to find some new shoes for my rear TLS brake on the 950. I have the same set up on the front of the Triumph. You have to get both shoes in contact with the brake drum at the same time otherwise they are purely decorative! I find it is a two man job, one with a mole wrench on each shoe arm at the wheel end and then the other adjusts the rod between the two arms. Then play with the handlebar leaver adjuster.
It works for me :smiley:

There’s something up, probably shoes? Same brake on mine but it works pretty well even with a puny cable and much better than an old Brit 7" SLS I had on my Norton. I dunno what shoes are best but I’ll see what mine are as they seem to have good bite. Update: no makers mark - they have a groove running the length of the lining

I’ve got the 4LS on mine.
When I first got it, the front brake did nothing initially but then would suddenly “grab.” One of the linings fell off so I bought some others from Corsa Italiana. These were a different colour, and initially were completely useless. After bedding in and re-adjusting they got marginally better. After advice from V7 John, I got a set of shoes re-lined by Industrial Friction in Cardiff. These are alright - progressive but not very powerful. I’m still using these but an adjusting session is on the cards soon.

Hmmm. Weird as it may sound, even after all of these years running some pretty horrible motorcycles this is my first experience of running a 2LS drum up front. I guess that if you had the two sides adjusted close then eventually the second side should chime in as the first side wears down. Assuming that you survive that long. The grotty brakes on my A10 are better than this – though I don’t suppose they are having to cope with the same momentum.

Sounds like even after work here I need to be prepared to be underwhelmed.

Have a look at this.

I spent a very long time getting the brakes right on my V7 and have found the brakes to be adequate even when towing a trailer. I do tend to favour the rear brake though. These are still the shoes that were fitted when I bought the bike.

As RR says, I had shoes relined for the double sided set up on the V7Sport which improved that no end. The original shoes on that were just too hard. The 2LS front set up on the V7 loop is the rear brake on the V7Sport!

Simmoto your shoes are the green ones raved about on the Yahoo loop site.

I fitted a heavy duty brake cable and removed the brake light switch which was inline. I spent many a happy hour fiddling!

ps fitted by Mark Etheridge at Moto Guzzi Classics in California.

Mine also has the single sider. Got new linings as old ones looked…well…old. New venhill cables then setting up - rear shoe first then setting rod linkage and front etc. Better but ain’t no disc!! Rear one needed someone standing on the foot pedal and a brick under back wheel to pass MOT!! No longer required…