Loop Frame sidestand upgrade or improvement

Hello all. I have a 1971 V7 Special and was wondering if anyone has any advice on improving the standard short and awkward sidestand on the loop framed models.
I find the sidestand awkward to use, unstable on certain terrain because it’s so short, but most importantly it is obscured by the left cylinder when sitting on the bike and I’ve left it down too many times!
I’ve been spoilt in the past having had T3 Cali’s which has in my humble opinion, the ultimate sidestand, and I have a set of bottom frame rails and stand spare but converting to this will end up looking too cumbersome and I’m after something a little more elegant.
As an example I saw a really neat and compact conversion solution albeit on a Tonti frame, using a Triumph T140 stand.
If you can offer any advice I’d be grateful. Thanks in advance. Howard

I’m not sure if it would work on a loop frame or not, but the side stand from a L-Mans4/5 Spada 3 and later T5 is a big improvement on the standard Guzzi side stand. It mounts nearer the footrests and balances the bike far better.
Gutsibits sell a kit to fit the Tonti frame. It bolts to one garbox bolt and one centre stand bolt.

Hi Don, thank you for the great advice - I’ll look those up. I’ve got to do something in my quest to make the bike everyday-useable and safer.
Many thanks, Howard

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