Loop Lock

My Eldo still has a key for the fully functioning steering lock – which is nice. It is also a fit to the tool boxes so perhaps that’s the reason. I’ve only just twigged that this is so but the thing is, the steering lock seems to operate in the straight ahead position – is that normal? I can imagine it will be only a matter of time before this old fool takes off with lock still on, which would be unfortunate.

Especially if you lose the key! :smiley:

I’ve got an Eldo which I’m doing up and if I remember correctly (might be suspect) the steering shaft that the bearings rotate on has a slot in it to hold the lock pin and I guess that could be set in any position you like. Unfortunately although I’ve 2 loops I’ve no steering lock keys for either so no help on normality.
Cheers Ian

My Loops lock with the steering to one side, not dead ahead. Looks to me like someone has turned the stem in the bottom yoke.

ditto - just like the locks on my tonti frames

Butch, did you ever find your keys?

The keys that I lost were for Hardley rather than for any of the MGs. And no I didn’t. Found another ign key, but not another steering lock key - and which I’d applied just prior to losing said keys. The bike was already heading to the local shop for other work, so I just fronted a whole lot of extra cash to have their apprentice cut it all out.

Some low life has since attempted to steal the bike from the sheds at Witham railway station. Unsuccessfully - ha. So I tried crashing it just a few weeks back just to keep expenditure up.

Shock news! Evel Knivele lives and rides (crashes) in Silvertown! :smiley: