Loose Tappet? Cali EV04

I have a 2004 Cali EV with very noisy tappet basically sounded like a bolt jumping about under the rocker cover.Took it too my local bike repair place (not a Guzzi specialist)he removed rocker and found lots of play between push rod and tappet.
Ordered new tappet fitted it still a couple of mm of play thought the hydraulic tappets would maybe self adjust but after running at tickover for 2 mins slack between rod and tappet still the same and obviously noise still awful.
Any ideas i have no idea if the recall has been done i assumed it would have been i bought the bike 2 yrs ago with 4000 miles on it (it still only has 9000)from a large dealer that used to be a Guzzi dealership.Thanks in advance if anyone has any help.

could be the cam follower,had them go on my cali3didnt do my camshaft a lot of good

they are not hydro followers

No but reasonable to assume the same can happen to hydros I had this happen to me too. And yes it toasts the camshaft as well. Could it just be needs pumping up again? Happens on cars sometimes, needs a drive to sort it out, idling doesn’t usually do it (not enough oil pressure). (?)