Lower frame rail query. Lm

Whilst re-fitting my newly painted centre stand to my LM, I noticed that on the left side bottom frame rail (not the additional support bracket) where the bolt goes through for the centre stand, that it had a thread and when measured with my vernier was 11.3mm wide (onto the thread). The right hand bottom frame rail does not have a thread

On the parts list, it shows a bolt, 10mm x 45mm for the centre stand fitment.

Has somebody tapped a thread into my left hand frame rail, or are they there as standard? Or could it be from a later model where the side stand mounts here?

Yours confused.ReggieV2014-02-28 20:04:38

The Spada should be the same and I don’t recall any threading into the frame tube itself, Both of the stand bolts went into the lug that hangs down below the main tube.The later side stand also uses these two holes with slightly longer bolts fitted.

Don-Spada2014-02-28 21:13:42

If it is on top of the frame rail it is for the gear change pivot bolt.


Ditto my mainstand bolt holes are both plain, lock nuts and bolts used as pic above. HTH

OK, thanks chaps.
I can only assume that a previous owner has run a tap down it for some reason? It doesn’t affect the working of the stand so I’ll put it to the back of my mind.

I just wondered if I was missing something!

Tis a bit odd I must admit. I presume you’ve got the spacers the stand actually pivots on and the wavy spring washers?

Mike H wrote; I presume you’ve got the spacers the stand actually pivots on and the wavy spring washers?

Yes, That’s all there.
I’d have taken a photo of the offending thread on the frame rail, bit it’s all built up now and I can’t bare to take it to bits again.

S’okay reggie we can take it to bits to check it out when we see you at a rally mate …always helpful tha’ knows

“So we took off all the 'andles,
And the things wot 'eld the candles,
Well it did no good
Well I never thought it would”
Mike H2014-03-04 16:29:58

Right said Mike …