Lucas AB11 Help???!!

Ok, head is wrecked here so help needed…I have an intermittant spark problem with the above unit on my le mans 2. I realise these are not longer available and Mistral do not answer their phones! Can someone suggest a fix please or have a good one for sale? Thanks

There’s the Moira amp ~ Tho would have thought if “wrecked” it would be dead, not intermittent. Presume you’ve checked everything else? On mine I removed the 5-pin connector and soldered the wires together, as the connector pins were quite tarnished and I didn’t trust them. (Must be >30 yrs old!)

Oh wait the Moira link IS Mistral

Contact Al Osborne, at A O Services, Watton, Norfolk. number should be 01953 884681 What he doesn’t know about Lucas RITA stuff probably isn’t worth knowing imho.

Spent the evening yesterday pulling out the lucas unit and coils and fitting a new Dyna III unit I had on the spada café project…will know later how it goes. Have no faith in the lucas one.

Just remembered 'course if they get water inside they tend no to work very well, still not necessarily kaput tho. Guess how I know

Thanks Guys. The le mans is purring like a kitten(or roaring like a lion!) with the dyna system. The spark from it is massive and fires up straight away. Run later today to give it a good test.

We run Dyna in ours…