Lumpy bumpy!

After replacing the clutch on my Eldorado, (back end battery and carbs off) can anyone think of a reason why it should run very lumpy, not tick over and spit back? This is only on the stand in the shed thus far.

Poor earth, or earth wire disturbed? Some other connection disturbed, such as an Ht lead?

I have posted on three forums (?) and am greatful for all suggestions and will check them all. Thanks

Choke cable snagged…?

Flip tops, Kate.


Lumpy bumpy and spitting back sounds like a timing issue. Are you sure you didn’t knock the distributor when taking it apart or putting it back together?
Coil wiring? Did you disconnect anything and not put it back right?

I’ve not had time to explore yet, “important stuff” getting in the way, butI only disconnected the battery, starter and earth wires. I must admit I thought it sounded like a timing issue but I can’t see how. I might get a few moments later this evening to hake a poke about.

It could be an earth problem then…

The most likely fix proved to be the first I tried And all is well!!! Bad earth to the battery tray/engine from battery.

Now for another of my senior moments.

The rear drive wouldn’t seat properly to the brake drum when I tightened it all up. The drum went cockeyed and the wheel wouldn’t turn properly. There was also a problem tightening the swinging arm to the final drive - the joint just wouldn’t mate correctly.

I bet no one can tell me the reason.

Rear wheel spacers in the wrong order?

Ok,nobody seems to know the answer John.Will you tell us or shall we remain in suspense? :astonished:

It’s something really stupid and definitely a case of brain cell count decreasing!

When I removed the rear drive, I popped the nuts into a tray, but the washers, I put back onto the studs and to prevent them falling off and getting lost in my rather over crowded shed, I replaced the gasket over the top.

On replacing the drive they then prevented the drive from seating properly and were enough to scew the rear wheel in the bevel box. The daft thing was I didn’t even think about the washers, I kept taking it apart and replacing it and getting really frustrated, thinking the UJ wasn’t in properly, or something - of course the washers were behind the gasket so I couldn’t see them. Eventually I checked the face of the drive unit and the penny dropped.

I bet you thought you were going nuts!

Well I for one would never have guessed that one.We all do that sort of thing sometimes :blush:

Take solace from Superman, who keeps putting underpants on in the wrong order like that :wink:

Finally got time to finish putting stuff back together and doube, make that treble check everything was tightened properly. With my lack of functioning memory cells it pays to make sure!

I pulled the bike out of the shed and fired it up and drove it back in, without chewing up the gravel drive or lurching through the back of the shed, so I guess the clutch is working ok. Hurrah! I have put up with the clutch from hell for two years!

I will take it for a test drive as soon as this weather blows through. :smiley:

Well done that man. :slight_smile:

I washed my loop’s clutch out with white spirit last week and although not transformed, I think it is better. But I don’t think it was as bad as yours. It does have a squeak now when operated.

I tried that and the beast laughed at me and spit gravel up my car!

Hopefully a test ride tomorrow.