I was just wondering if there are any members local to Reading/Basingstoke/Newbury or the surrounding towns who are experienced in motorcycle maintenance and are happy to occasionally meet and share knowledge on motorcycle maintenance with a novice enthusiast like me.

I would like to learn through experience to maintain my bike rather than having to take it to the garage each time which is costing quite a bit.


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Unless you have plenty of good tools, and the time and place to work on the machine
it will work out cheaper in the long run to pay a competent motorcycle engineer
oil and filter changes are straightforward as are plugs and air filters
BUT and its a BIG BUT
fuel filters, high pressure fuel lines ( need replacing every ten years, brake fluid change, inspection drive shaft for corrosion
and lots of fiddly things as well
mine is 20 years old and I think nothing of riding across the continent on it
I carry a small tool kit and some spares
thats it
but preventative maintenance saves money, easier to change bits whilst its in for service than to find a garage to repair it and lose time on my trips

if something snaps or seized, your machine is immobile, I have a fully equipped workshop, but apart from checking the tyre pressures, oil level , changing a battery I pay a mechanic, got fed up waiting for parts, or sorting seized nits and bolts

I would recommend that you visit Antonio Botto ad T.B, Motorcycles Didcot
he is a first class motorcycle engineer, and no silly bullshit prices
he covers everything from little peds and scooters, to race machines, he will also show you what you can do yourself, spot and rectify and problems that are not evident to you ( 30 years of experience)
and you will be surprised how little it costs and how much better your motorcycle will run
its an 80 mile round trip for me , but I only trust him

my neighbor services his own car to save money, and expected me to loan him tools !!!
it breaks down a lot, because he is a northern skinflint and uses cheap ebay parts
I pay a garage to do mine and they use genuine ford stuff, its done 180K, ex cop car and runs sweet and perfect emissions ( i dont do short trips around town either)
the blunt answer was sorry No, they cost me a great deal of money, and always seem to come back damaged, or missing or i need to chase people up, he wanted to borrow my electrical test equipment recently as I have retired, thats 5K worth, and it can kill you
I told him no it sits on the shelf in the cupboard and only I am suitably qualified to use it
he works in IT so knows it all
gave him the name of a friends firm who will carry out an inspection and provide a report for 300 pounds, ( thats a full days work)

ps thats not my Ducati, I would kill myself on something that fast, its Antonios pride and joy, and runs as well as it looks, completely re built to factory spec, no quick tart up and paint, and it gets ridden hard
my Breva is hiding away from it power and beauty

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where is this? seems a strange place for that kind of building

it is on top of a mountain, I think on the Julier Pass in Switzerland
there was an even weirder one next to it
I wonder if they are some sort of observation towers
I was too busy trying to stay upright to worry to much, especially when idiot brother rammed me with his panniers !!
he is a bit of a david bailey, so we have to stop and take pictures !!,9.7177092,3a,75y/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipNSBPo881AutaF3U-pruXHyqceIOUQDgBhNgoSg!2e10!3e12!!7i4000!8i3000!4m9!3m8!1s0x47848149d54cdb2f:0x796a0f271166c816!8m2!3d46.4701639!4d9.7177092!10e5!14m1!1BCgIgAQ!16zL20vMDQ2bm5q?entry=ttu

well I be jiggered
I googled it and it seems its a theatre ??
a bit about it

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Well , would you like to explain
" northern skinflint"?

from oop North
and tight wi brass

the article says it was planned to dismantle it in 2020, maybe covid meant it didn’t.

looks like a good place to ride anyway without a theatre :slight_smile:

aha I am guilty there, this picture was taken in 2019 when by Brother and I came back from Mandello, we stayed in a house up by redbeards castle , with some mad irish bird who could outdrink Oliver Reed !! a ten minute walk into town !!! ( on a motocrosser)

sounds like fun :smiley:

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