Making your own Lodola/Stornello/other gaskets

Probably just the basics for most of you blokes, but I was making a couple of gaskets for my Lodola 175 the other day and decided to take some pics etc. It’s a pain to just wait for this stuff to come from Italy or elsewhere, so easier when possible to roll your own.

I’ve done a blog post with loads of pics and what I did here: Making gaskets

Open to any suggestions, tips, comments etc.italianmotor2014-09-12 14:20:28

way back my BSA and Nortons all had cereal packaging gaskets, good little write upjohnno2014-09-12 16:53:09

ITs worth when you DO buy new ones, photocopy them and pop them in with your docs, that way its easier to duplicate next time you need them.

Yes, a very good tip. I either trace them or scan them, or copy them straight away somehow.

Thanks for this. I need one gasket for my Trotter and a full set costs €30 + shipping. 5 sheets of gasket paper cost 70p and I will learn a new skill with a bit of luck.