Military V50 Carb jets

Hi all,
I have a dutch military V50 it has Dellorto flat side 24 mms carbs. They don’t run. I have tried to fit 28 mms but they don’t fit. The 24 mms are old I want to replace the keys eye but have no idea of key sizes etc. Does any one have specs for the net set up on these carbs. I have tried various sites but nothing seems anywhere like what my carbs have. Any help would be much appreciated. I really want to get this on the road.

Cheers Les

I’ve just read this. I mean net sizes…no idea how it changed to keys. I need to know the jet sizes so I can look at renewing tbem.I

Cheers Les

The military version will be low compression and so the jetting will be to suit, speaking to TLM might be the way forward


Have you tried these links?

The parts list for the Police version is available on the Guzzitek site, maybe that would be similar. Alternatively try Eurocarb, they are pretty good and have a great stock of spares.

Plenty of info on Dellorto carbs available here…