Mk 3 top tube support rubber

I’ve fitted a mk3 tank to my mk2 Le Mans but I’ve got an issue with the tank dropping down & forward onto the top yoke. Is there a different tank/frame locating rubber? The manuals I have show them to be the same, Also the rear tank rubber strap doesn’t reach either.
Does anyone have any idea what the part numbers are for the rear strap & is the frame rubber a different part.
Any help would be much appreciated. :wink: Â

Yo Grubby…we may have such a thing…will ave a look and report back…

Ta :smiley:

I spoke to Lemon2 a while back, he’s done the same to his and said he had used KTM tank support rubbers, hope this helps.

Hi Jez
Don’t supppose you know what model KTM it was do you, there’s a few different ones.Â

Can’t recall the exact model I’m afraid, I think it’s possibly one of the 950’s. Best ask Lemon2, he’s either still on here or at Guzziriders.