Monza carbs with K & N filters

Hi out there. I’m running an '81 Monza with a pair of K & N air filters. Aside from debris in the fuel problems, I’m not happy with the mid/low range running. Anybody got a recommendation for jetting? Carbs are 28 mm PHBH Dellorto’s. Oh, and does anyone know how Dellorto designate their jet sizes? I think it’s diameter in 100th mm? I’d like to figure out std + 10% as advised by the deity.
Current jetting:
Main 125 (+size, std is 118)
Atomiser 268T (std)
Needle x6 (std)
slide 50 (std)
Idle 48 (- size, std is 50)
Ignition is via Rita, coils are new.

there is jetting info on the Aigor site dunno if it covers small blocks, Tim Hicks is good with the small block bikes try a PM to him aka "Hook nose hicks)

Good article on this subject about 6 months ago in Gambalunga, written by Tim aka Hooke nose Hicks.