Monza Carburettor

My mate Richard has a vacuum balancing kit, and he came up today to try & help set up the carbs on my Monza. We’re a bit puzzled by a couple of things;- Owners handbook says needle should be set at 3rd notch, whereas Workshop Manual states 2nd notch. Any idea which it should be? We assume notch count is up from bottom of needle, i.e long pointed end not down from top? Bit suspicious that set on 2nd notch, adjuster screws in bottom of slide chamber might not be doing anything? Also, we assumed that as a 1981 Monza, it would have contact breaker ignition. However, on removing front cover, discovered engine fitted with Bosch electronic ignition. Are we right in asusming that this Bosch ignition sytem is likely to be the earlier V50 type that was eventually dropped in favour of contact breakers? Can it be retro-fitted to a contact breaker type Monza engine? Might it be a different model Bosch ignition? Sorry for all the questions:- I’m a newbie Guzzi owner, and after 25 years of fancying a Guzzi, have at last bought one! Thanks for help.

with my t5 it transpired to be the needle notch that worked best… higher the needdle the better things gotthe monza and late v50 mk2 had factory electronic ignition untill 81 so that could that you bike was built just before they went back to points