Monza choke cables

Dear All

I am recommissioning a V50 Monza with a standard airbox and fitting new petrol pipes, oil breather pipes and choke cables. Can you tell me what is the best way to route the choke cables particularly for the LH carb as whichever way there seems to be little space or pulling on the cable. Do most people do away with the airbox and fit K&N’s? If so does the jest size have to be changed?

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I’d presume that the Monza is not much different to my mk II in this respect. I’m still running the original air box on mine. I think that this does have the advantages of providing all of the engine breathing plumbing that you need, and also gives extra support at the back of the carbs which would otherwise hang only on the rubber inlet manifolds. I would expect that the carbs would need jetting up to suit K&Ns if you fitted them.
For the chokes (actually enrichers) I’m also still running with the std arrangement. Short odd length cables run from the carbs to the on/off flick lever mounted down on the LH carb manifold. I don’t think that there is anything complex or tricky in setting up this arrangement around the existing air box and if that is your only reason for switching then IMHO I would recommend thinking again.

Thanks for the info. On the LH carb does your choke cabe run the air filter side as it exits? Do you have the flip up lever fitted at the top or the bottom inlet manifold stub?



On the RH carb I’m using the longer cable and the elbow faces forward off the carb. The cable then passes under the airbox.
On the LH carb the elbow passes over the top of the carb (I have to remove it before I can lift the carb top). And I’m using the shorter cable that then just curves back to the lever.
The flick lever is mounted on the lower intake bolt.

Hope that helps.