Monza float height

My monza is running lean and i suspect the float height is the problem.What is the procedure for adjusting the float height.The tangs are bent and i would have thought they should be straight.
Cheers Syrup Head

Hi Graham
There is quite a bit of info on Dellorto carbs in this page
Float levels don’t usually change without someone messing with them and would be more inclined to go looking for blocked jets, clogged passageways or incorrect needle position before adjusting the float level. Start with the mixture screw about 2 turns out.
Air leak on the inlet is another possible. Although I seem to recall the Monza has rigid inlet manifolds rather than the rubber sleeves so less likely to be an issue.

Hi Don
I had taken the carb apart and checked that the jets were not blocked before giving it a run.The problem seemed to be fuel starvation so i checked the pilot screws and set them at two turns out as you suggested and also took off the fuel cap in case that had a blockage.Yesterday i had the left hand tap on so today i thought i would put both taps on and give it another run.The bike fired up and was ticking over which was promising so i gave it a blast down the M11 and it was a different bike running really good.So the problem is definitely fuel starvation so i suspect the left tap has a blockage.
Cheers Syrup Head

Although I think your instinct is right dont forget to check the fuel pipes themselves as Ethanol can wreak havoc on some pipework My recent experience with my Monza also revealed a problem with an after market fuel tap where the holes in the rubber seal inside the tap itself had not been drilled` out big enough thus causing starvation from that side.


Hi Chris
I will check the fuel lines and taps.You are right about ethanol causing problems.I have a ducati that had a fibreglass tank and it totally destroyed it.Thanks for your advice.
Cheers Syrup Head