Monza Handlebar Switch

The left turn indicator will only work if I hold the switch over with my thumb;- goes off if I let go. Is this big multi-switch (lights, horn, indicator, flasher) stripable for repair, or will it self destruct if I try to open it up? Do I have to buy a new one?

What have you tried so far? Try cleaning it inside and out, then electrical contact cleaner, finally silicone spray grease on the moving parts. Good luck

to remove the switch from the handlebars you will need to unscrew the two small screws in the lower half of the switch, and there is also a small crub screw which will need a 2mm allen key to remove,the indicators work via a ball bearing which touches a small live contract area inside the switch, as your right hand indicator works ok I would assume the live contract area for the left signal is dirty so a good spray of something like Servisol Super 10 is maybe all thats needed, you can buy Super 10 from places like Maplins, (yes it might be cheaper on the innernet but for one Can it aint worth the trouble). if you do need to take the whole indicator switch apart you will need a thin but strong screwdriver to prise the green ( my T3 one is green but your Monza could be any colour) indicator switch up and out of the main unit, then remove carefully the thin strip of metal holding the switch together and then split the switch apart, but look out for the ball bearing dropping out, then spray the whole inside ,replace and away you go.

northwest2013-07-25 11:14:55

Just replaced the Spada one with the same problem about a month ago. I tried cleaning it even to the extent of stripping switch apart. In the end I gave up on it as a bad job. Ended up with a Domino switch as I couldn’t find a suitable switch on flea bay or any of the breakers I visited.

Had to rewire the Domino switch. Hoping to write a tech article for Grumblemonger about how to mod the switch to work on older Guzzi with out having to hack the main wiring loom to get the switch to work. gwensp2013-07-25 11:25:03

Thanks, all, for your repliesMal

Not sure if it is the same but Stein Dinse sell new ones that fit the T3 for about £60 with wire and plug.
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I think it’s a case of contact gone loose due to wear and tear, no amount of cleaning will help then. Whether it could be taken apart and ‘repaired’ is anybody’s guess.

if it is a case of £60 + for a new switch you would be silly not to at least give it a go by cleaning up the inner bits.

£10 for 2nd hand replacement far better than the 'orrible Guzzi ones and the V11 Guzzis have the same switch gear as Honda Firestorm

I put that switchgear on the V50 no trouble.