More Circuits

Can anyone tell me why this WOULDN’T be a simple and neat way of adding 3 additional ignition controlled circuits.

I know its not sealed, but neither are the originals and I could put in a box somewhere!
tris2013-05-04 21:56:20

Seems fine to me, why do you ask, what aren’t you sure of ?

only £1.18 from VWP

Those VWP modular units are BIG. In inches, 6.5" x 4" x 2.5"

What are you talking about?This is the same as the ebay one, takes the same relay, so it won’t be any larger. Costs £2.20.Does not contain the relay or fuses of course but neither does the ebay one.

Brian UK2013-05-05 10:04:35

Biggles - it appeared to simple a solution so I wondered what I was missing!

g5er -this one is 60mm long by 35mm wide by 50mm high with the relay fitted.

Brian/Keith - I couldn’t work out how to get the picture from VWP on here So thanks for thattris2013-05-05 18:04:43

Copy and paste.
Sometimes works.Brian UK2013-05-05 21:58:48

Ihave thought of replacing relays into a relay base on the V1000 BUT when I do I will use relays as V11 and base getting the mini relays from Pyo Dan