More of a rejoin than new members.

Hi Guys,

Lin and I have rejoined the club after an absence of 10 yrs or more. We had a long history of riding Guzzi bikes ranging from V50, several T3s, a Spada, G5 and Cali 1100. Falling off horses did for Lin and she gave up riding her T3 after 20 years, and an old hip injury stopped me riding my Cali 1100 in 2010. Being confirmed ‘petrol heads’ we looked around for another form of fun and settled on a Lomax 223 three wheeled car similar to a Morgan, but home built. After mucking about tuning and enlarging the 2Cv engine we came to the conclusion what it really needed was a dirty great V twin just like what we had lived with for 30 odd years.

Luckily we were not alone in thinking this and thanks to Claus in Germany we got our hands on an adapter kit to fit my old G5 engine onto a Citroen gear box… at last we now has what we wanted. It is not quite as good as rinding a bike, but the smiles per mile are pretty close.

Lin ready for the Off.JPG
In some ways we are returning to the Guzzi V twin’s starting point - a three wheeler, and Guzzi has a long history of manufacturing trikes…

Look forward to getting out and about in the summer and we will be travelling to Mandello in Sept - as life long Guzzi nuts how could we not :smiley:

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Welcome back Steve and Lin, where in the country are you?

Hi Chris & Karen,

Living the dream in south Wilts, little village named Tisbury.

Excellent! :smiley:

That’s an awesome Guzzi. Sure to put a grin on both your faces.