more slack than a................

Has anyone fitted a rose jointed gear linkage to their loop? Mine has so much slack it’s ridiculous. How does it work, never done one before so don’t know where to start.

Well I have just done mine and I got a couple of rose joints 6mm female and I used the existing rod which I think was 7mm so I just tapped out the rose joints to 7mm, new stainless bolts, washers and nylocs, job done. Mind I’ve not road tested yet as I’ve a few more jobs to finish.
Cheers Ian

Cheers Ian. Does a 6mm rose joint have a 6mm thread and a 6mm hole in the swively bit?

Cheers John.

Yes it does, well the ones I got do, however I now see on Greg’s site that they have used the ones with the threaded male stud, they well might be better.
Cheers Ian