MOT regulation on silencers

Have fitted a new set of lafronconi silencers to my 1978 lemans. Will it pass the mot with competition marked on them? Not sure if the age of the bike makes a difference.

Someone will come up with a definitive answer to this, but all three of my bikes, 1979, and two 2007, have non-standard silencers with no markings. At MoT time the tester uses his discretion, if the noise is not offensive to him it’s ok.

Yep, what he said. So long as it does not say “not for road use” or “for race use only” on the can it’s up to the tester.

It’s all nuts. I have a 650 bros which passes an MOT with an American racing can fitted. However I use it with a much quieter scorpion can which has the naughty printed on it.

The government is an ass

+1 for tester discretion.
I have a common sense Triumph riding tester.
his favourite term is “offensive” and usually applied to screaming 2 strokes or bikes with damaged exhausts.
A while ago I took in a LMII with noisy pipes marked Not For Road Duse. He grinned, asked me to blip the throttle a couple of times and said “it was alright when it left here”
Worth looking out for a test station that appreciates classics. Where are you based? Someone on here may know of an empathic tester.
Best of luck

I forgot to add, the silencers on the Griso and Buell come with removable baffles, they don’t make that much difference, but I always install them at MoT time, no point taking the p**s.


I’ve had Contis on my T3 for many years now. They are of course straight through.
I have never mentioned the subject of them being noisy to him and he has never said anything to me about them.

I have black Lafranconis on my S3, and noise has never been a problem (only at 6000rpm and no ear plugs…). Actual law quotes reasons for rejection can be: 2. A silencer that is in such a condition or is of such a type that the noise emitted is clearly in excess of that which would be produced by a similar machine fitted with a standard silencer in average condition.
3. A silencer marked ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’, ‘TRACK USE ONLY’ or similar words.

You’ll be fine, any issues say there are period correct silencers and that’s what they used. Otherwise find an MOT man who is used to MOTing older bikes.

italianmotor2014-07-30 15:08:30