Moto Guzzi classic film project

Looks interesting. Amazing to have survived for 60 years on celluloid.

Have fun

The Colour in that is lovely, and the sound is so period
nice view of the wind tunnel at Mandello


Project updates coming through regularly; Agostini interviewed about the importance of the project, Guzzi’s contribution to history and Insight into the restoration and significant progress toward the target.
Worth a look

Hi Team,
A quick bump for this project.
Well worthwhile IMHO
Have fun

I have pledged a few quid, so hopefully will succeed and I’ll get my DVD etc.
Not quite halfway yet though.

Also pledged, hope they make it.

There seems to be a high level of suspicion over the project; as if they’re trying to make their first million from it :open_mouth:
I’ll get off the fence for once and say that the response has been both heartening and disheartening in equal measure.
As noted above hope thay make the money required.
Fingers crossed

I thought Kickstarter was intended to provide capital to get commercial ventures going. But by input from interested people rather than banks. Anyone who puts something in gets something back. They are not claiming to be a charity so I don’t have a problem if they get the money and then go on to sell loads of DVD’s.

You’re right Ian.
In this case the return is in the form of DVDs, posters, TShirts etc. Sponsors also get a mention in the credits.
It strikes me as being as much a history/media/social enterprise as much as a purely commercial venture.
Fingers crossed,

I think they could have been a bit more imaginative with the reward options. The bigger pledges just seem to get more of the same stuff.
My brother put some money into a local band via Kickstarter and that started with CD’s etc, but he put in enough to qualify for a concert in a location of his choice, which turned out to be his back garden.
This project (being a film) could have done some private screenings, or visit to the restoration expert etc. Anyway, I’m not putting that much in…

Good point.
Maybe if there’s a rush of donations they’ll organise a few upgrades :wink:

Pledged a tank of petrol.

Now at 60% and gaining momentum.

I 've made a pledge and posted the details on another forum. The money is creeping up. I really hope they get what they need as I would love to see this film.
The trailer looks great. Dustbin faired bikes racing, in colour. Where else would you ever see this ??

Cheers Richard. I’m looking forward to seeing the film too.
There are some tempting stills popping up to whet our appetites.
Have fun

They made it!

A fantastic result. A piece of Moto Guzzi history preserved.
Looking forward to the DVD and goodies
Have fun

Same here…x

Email today asking me to choose my T-shirt. I think I’m favouring the blue with the faired bike.
Anyone know what the 2 bikes are on the shirts?