Moto Guzzi Le Mans Orange Paint

Does anyone know the reference number for the Orange paint that is used on early Le Mans fairings?

Nope, I used Halfords fluorescent…

Thanks for this, would it be possible to email me a photo? I will pm you my email address.

Look in the FAQ section, there is a thread with loads of references to paint code lists.

Hi Brian,

I have looked at this, but cannot see a reference for the Orange.

Hiya, got ur pm, am at work at moif you have time and look at the recent Stafford show threads, mine is the le mans on the stand in the fotos. Will email pic later. Fyi, I masked the fairing using insulating tape, sprayed white primer over the red, re masked to ensure no white edge. Used the fluorescent, then gave it a couple of coats of laquer …voila.

Nice job!


Have you tried looking up your bike here? The other thing you might need to know is what Moto guzzi called that colour, they might not have used the word orange.

This is the effect you are looking for, it’s just dayglo orange

Yes, this is the look I want - Kate used Dayglo Orange on her Le Mans and it looks very good. I am also going to order some Orange (9739-9016) as per the orange stripes on the 1000S … This could work well.
Thanks all

I’ll bet the end product won’t look like that.

We shall see, worth investigating before painting

I was referring to the complete image, not just the paint job.

Sorry I misunderstood you. However, I might look quite good in a Leopard Cat Suit!

We await the pictures when it’s done.

I am hoping to have the fairing painted very soon, will post pictures ASAP.

S’pose the leopard catsuit will have to wait…

somebody got their photog chops at the feet of Bob Carlos Clark


Kate Sure you would look great draped over your lemon in a leopard print onesie

I read somewhere that the the orange part was actually a white base, painted over with a transparent orange.