MotoCorsa bit of an update.

On the advice of a friend that works in the legal department of a big accountancy firm here in Cardiff I got myself invited to the Moto Corsa creditors meeting on Tuesday 2 August 2022. I was glad I did.

I asked what would happen with my deposit for a V100 Mandello. The liquidator told me as I was an unsecured creditor I amy or may not see my money. However both the Piaggio UK and the Italian MV Agusta representatives that were at the meeting were concerned about this as it meant lost sales and a hit to their PR confidence. To this end they both asked that the liquidator provide details of those who had deposits and that they would see what they could do. The Piaggio guy was going on holiday today for a fortnight so nothing will happen during this time.

I also asked about my Spada which is at Moto Corsa Classics for some engine work. I was informed that my Spada was safe and that Moto Corsa Classics would continue under another name. IF anyone else has a bike with Moto Corsa Classics they are safe.

The Corsa Cafe has been sold and is now open.

The Ashmore workshops are being bought out by the management there. The Ashmore company will be renamed. It wasnt clear if they would be a workshop only business. (Note as of today 4 Aug 2022 Ashmore is now open)

What will happen with the Gillingham showrooms is not clear at the moment. They may or may not continue under another name.

That is about as much information as I can give. I dont want to say anymore as there is some legal stuff going on and I dont want to compromise that or myself.


Thanks, this is interesting. I didn’t realise they were already taking deposits on the V100, apart from anything else.