Motorcycle Theft

One of the problems we are facing is an increase in the theft of motorcycles, of course a great deal of policing is given over to much more important matters such as keeping idiots from killing us, the governments have cut police numbers and closed police stations, we do not even have traffic officers any more, in my area we now get a fatality every week
one of the things traffic officers did was to monitor and keep an eye on vehicle theft, pay close attention to the usual suspects and just the odd stop and vehicle check, look inside vans etc
now criminals seem to have carte blanche to get away with it
smaller motorcycle tend to get stolen by youths from housing estates and ragged around and burnt , our local cops have just recovered a few crossers that were stolen, and a few hideouts have been located in the countryside and the machines recovered
members of the travelling community also seem to have an affiliation for liberating motorcycles and classic cars, added to which they now seem to be tied in with Eastern European criminals, in our area Romanian
certain classic motorcycles are also being stolen, now in many cases owners leave them in full view, one of my neighbours liked to fire his up and leave it on the drive to show every one, it got nicked no surprise, mobile phones with their ability to take high quality images that can be forwarded also assist crims as they now involve thieves from a wider area and allow them to target particular motorcycles
one useful thing you can do is to take high res photographs of your machine and keep a list of distinguishing features in a handy file, another is to keep it covered and well secured ( lots of people I visit dont )
alarms are not a lot of use, as I find the crims set them off and you end up turning the unit off and then they steal it, I use a high quality disc lock and padlock and chain plus a cover
I also engraved the machines registration number on most of the parts, so even if fitted with another reg plate I can still ID it
however I plan to install a tracking device, so that should the machine be stolen I can pay a visit and do some damage before the police arrive

a friends motorcycle was stolen earlier this year, he tracked it to an area about 10 miles away and I joined him very early in the morning, a few seconds work with a powerful tool released the garage door ( I work with hand tools) and we recovered his machine, of course the owner of this double locked garage knew nothing about it, he will however find out how much a new door costs?
has any one had experience of tracking devices, my mate is away at the moment and his machine rests in his sitting room !!
some of the cheaper tracking devices seem fraught with problems, is there a middle ground or should I save up and get a top banana one like my mate ( hes rich and his bike is very expensive)
my heap is 16 years old and is the twin of Ian Dunmores, but it is of great sentimental value

looking forward to some useful input and abuse

Good post

Well done on the recovery.
Trackers seem to be similar to other security in being price sensitive. Generally speaking the more that is spent the better the coverage. A recent article in one of the trade magazines suggested that OEM trackers would drive development and, hopefully, have an impact on price.
I’ll be interested in others’ experiences.
All the best

one thing that worries me, I have heard talk of the mobile phone networks changing and also the present GPS system being updated so existing tracking devices may not work
one useful device is Tile, although not much more than an RFID chip if you lose soemthing you notify the network and if another user passes the area it will ping up
although it seems limited, it has resulted in the arrest and later the prosecution of a local scummy family, cant say too much more, but they were caught red handed, and a lot of tradesmen around here are waiting for the court date and to hear them named publicly
I would imagine the family will suffer a little bit of vandalism and missing property themselves

with some of the tracking devices they have a tag or reader, if the machine is moved without this being present it sends out an alarm signal, other rely on you pressing a button on a remote to lock it to that point
I have also seen a few that are battery only powered, probably a good idea as it wont flatten the motorcycle battery
a friend who is cleverer than me built his own using a cheap mobile phone
I am not so bothered about the police locating my machine if stolen as they do not have the resources, and in several cases the tracking companies would only notify them, and when they eventually arrived they located a tracker but no property
I want to be on the case directly, and have a face to face conversation with any one nicking my bike, or just ram them off it, I am of the opinion that the scum now think they are entitled to steal whatever and whenever , and the only thing that will make them wary is a degree of retribution,after being smacked a few times they wont be so cocky, look at the thieving scum in London using knives and machetes, and yet people sit and video it ???
I would think nothing of ramming them hard with a car, or using a crowbar on an arm, it makes them drop a knife very quickly
its about time we the public started fighting back to reclaim our property
oh and if you think me a trifle right wing
1 subaru legacy stolen and damaged by the local council estate scum, I chased them off and they dropped the knives they were carrying
1 motorcycle stolen and one very badly damaged by the same scum
guess who foots the bill for that lot ?
have a look at this video, the youths fit a certain demographic

I found this on another motorbike forum:

Bisley Alarm Mine 12 Gauge Security Burglars Intruders Galvanised Steel Trip.

It works with a 12 bore blank cartridge and - hopefully- will scare the beejayzus out of any scally that trips the wire. At the very least, it is sure to alert you to the fact that there is somebody messing with your toys.

I used poachers traps a few years ago to discourage members of the tarmac/clothespeg/ lucky heather community from paying late night visits to an elderly gentleman
worked very well
but make sure you motorbike has no petrol leaks !!