My Monza saga

Having restored a Monza, bought in boxes as a project, with no paperwork but a number plate was present I now have a beautiful bike that`s ready to go. Unfortunately the DVLA have so far refused to register my bike until I get a newly allocated 17 digit VIN stamped on my frame despite there being a clearly visible original number on the headstock as well as a separate VIN plate on there as well. I have to say at this juncture, having restored 2 other V50/3s, that this bike appears to be all original with all PE numbers visible. The DVLA have said that they cannot positively identify my bike even though they have inspected it as there are 2 Guzzis showing the same number. According to HPI the DVLA only has the numbers recorded not the two letter prefix which makes the frame number unique. My frame number has 8 listings against it one of which is an old Land Rover long since scrapped :astonished:
So far 30+ garages/dealers have declined to stamp my frame so no surprise there and hopes of finding a Monza PE frame are remote
Any suggestions gratefully accepted


Can you buy a set of stamps and do it yourself, or does it need to be done by someone “official”?
If so, could you take it to one of the SVA inspection places and get them to do it?


There words are it has to be stamped by a garage /dealer who then has to sign and put the company stamp on the DVLA paperwork
I have spoken to VOSA and they have said no at one of their test centres
If Im honest I dont really want a modern 17 digit VIN on my 38 year old bike


If you get to keep the number plate what is your problem with a modern VIN number? You have the DVLA story as to why it was necessary to show any prospective buyer and it is all part of the bike’s history. I personally would accept a new VIN number and get the bike on the road.

I have sought, on every restoration, to maintain authenticity and a modern VIN doesnt fit this remit. However to get the bike registered I would be willing to stamp a new VIN on the frame, the problem with this scenario is that I cannot find a garage/dealer who will do it and I have rung 30+ at the moment. The main problem, in my view, is that DVLA seem to be entrenched in total belief of their data and a fixation on the number plate. The fact that my frame number is unique to my bike only if all the letters and numbers are used seems to be passing them by. I did ask the question if they can allocate a new VIN then why couldnt they allocate my current one if they have no record of it, but I was met by a deafening silence!!
Its extremely frustrating at the moment as I cant carry out their current instructions and so far there seems no right of appeal to go in an alternative direction. I am currently awaiting a reply to my offer of stamping the frame myself with their VIN and then getting the bike independently inspected to confirm that the work has been carried out.


I could be wrong, memory being fallible, but I seem to remember one MOT for my 850 Guzzi Arthur wanted me to find and read out the frame number to him so he could confirm it’s the same on his computer, it all being on national database by now, very difficult to see (fairing) so I kept getting it wrong giving the first number as a four, only it isn’t it’s the star in front of the number, but anyway IIRC not interested in the letters prefix, only the number is on the computer.

The problem with only recording numbers is that without the prefix letters the number is not unique. It could be that I am the first bike to come up against this problem, the joys of buying a bike without a V5c :imp:


Would the guzzi club age certified or whatever we call it not be able to help with verification?

You are unlikely to keep the old registration if it is not on the DVLA system unless you have something to link the reg number with the chassis number like an old MOT certificate. I assume the bike has been off the road for at least 20 years or more since the system was computerised.
You would be better to apply for a new registration using the V55 form. One of my Guzzi’s has the model prefix recorded as part of the chassis number, the other doesn’t. Adding the prefix PE (I think is right for a Monza) should make the number unique.

There lies the problem in that it`s the registration they are focussing on and they will change all their data to suit, so today they have said that I can stamp my own frame with their new VIN and then my local MOT station has said they will verify that the stamping has been done to a standard and visibility required for an MOT. SO PROGRESS :smiley:
They have also said that following registration the current MOT (which was done using the existing PE VIN in September) will be changed to reflect the new reg number and new VIN.


Sounds like good news and some surprising common sense from the DVLA.
If you need a set of stamps, there’s some for sale local to me on Facebook Marketplace