neutral light - EV

I have the usual very elusive neutral light on my ‘04’ EV. Normally it can’t be found at all. However at times it suddenly returns and then the side stand cut off also operates. Basically either both work properly or neither work, there is a definite relationship. Has any bright spark out there any suggestions for a cure? Many thanks in anticipation, George.

Try diconnecting the sidestand Cut off and see what happens.


Try clean the gearbox switch connection.
I seem to recall it is behind the starter motor.

Yep that’ll be it they get forgotten and do collect a load of crud same with sidestand switch, BUT they all go thro that there 15 way block.

My neutral is ok but now and again the oil light does not show, a quick wriggle of the ol 15 way block and …she a there all bright and such.

If the EV is the same as the other big twins the neutral light ‘switch’ is just a long copper or brass strip which rubs against a dome headed rivet on the gear selector drum and earths the neutral light circuit.

It can be adjusted by carefully bending it to give a better or more consistent contact.

… but look for dodgy wiring first, as suggested, before fixing what don’t need fixing. As a wild guess, if sidestand cut-out seems related, possibly suggests a problem with the 12V supply to the neutral lamp and whatever the sidestand cut-out connects to, on the basis they seem to have a common supply. Bear in mind also these involve wires that are repeatedly bent by the steering. Or I expect they do. HTH