Nevada 750 - State of tune with modified exhaust

Evenin’ all. I have a '95 Nevada 750 (carb model), mechanically standard except that the balance pipe on the exhaust has been cut away and blocked off, and turned-out free-flowing (ie  noisier) silencers have been fitted, so it is effectively two 372 cc singles running on a common crankshaft. The bike is not used hard; it spends most of its time trundling down the motorway at 75-80 mph. The downpipes are a fetching dark straw colour near the head, with some blueing. Am I right in assuming that, as with my VX 800s which have similar exhaust mods, the state of tune is so mild that I need not worry that the reduced back pressure means it now runs too lean, and hot, for comfort? If not, could anyone advise me on what best to do to correct the situation?


Most people agree that from a theoretical and practical perspective balance pipes work well on Guzzi twins.
There’s lots of reading available and some (limited) dissent.
If the bike is running lean and hot it’s not healthy and will affect the life expectancy of key engine components. Larger main jets/needle position are the quick and easy(ish) answer.

All the best Steve

Thank you for that. The bike came with the modifications already done, and what I’m hoping for is that somebody who has a similar set-up will tell me whether their bikes ran lean thereafter and required carburation modifications.Â