Nevada rear brake

I have a rear brake caliper from a Nevada and a rear master cylinder from a Le Mans 1000.
Gutsibits lists the master cylinder as the same for both bikes…
The rear brake hardly works unless  I stand on it. (Works perfectly on the bench!!)
Properly bled (the caliper is underslung/ upside down, took a while to work out it has to be the right way up to bleed!!!).
Caliper pistons all nice and free.

Are the breaks not linked on that model?

it’s what you might call poor research!
images I found of Nevadas where all single front disc meaning no linked brakes.
On gutsibits website the master cylinder is the same for a Nevada as it is for a Le Mans 1000…
except it’s for Nevadas with twin front discs.
Anyway, after a chat with the ever helpful (and patient) Ed at Gutsibits I need a front (!) master cylinder from a V50 and found one over the weekend so hopefully this weekend will have a useful rear brake!

Yep guts bits put up with me asking what could be seen as stupid questions, without treating me as a idiotÂ
They certainly get my vote, for some reason though I always end up talking with guy