Nevada Speedo

Me mate has a very lovely 2000 Nevada, but it’s spoiled by the fact that his Speedo don’t work now and again, seems it’s the Meccano type drive that’s causing the trouble, it bends and then packs up…And as the lad is tighter than I am, I was wondering if anyone had a good lateral thinking sort of cure…? Can’t see him forking out for another one, only for that to bend and fail on him, he’s fitted a bicycle type speedo, but I said I’d ask you lot too see if anyone has a good bodge to sort him out…Come on lads, there MUST be a better way to drive that speedo, think it’s the bit that’s in the front wheel that’s giving him grief, but I’m not too sure, all I know is, it’s a bit of metal that’s bent into some gaps in the drive bit, and that metal is so soft it bends out again, hope that’s not too technical and you know what I’m on about here…

All depending on what the take off drive body is made from; would it be possible to grind the “ears” off and weld/braze stronger (thicker) steel ones on? Just an idea.

Is it possible the drive isn’t running freely as it should, perhaps jamming occasionally and bending the tangs?BobV72014-03-26 23:32:14

Agree with Bob, first thing is a thorough clean and re-grease. Problems with these drives appear fairly common and usually due to dirt, lack of lubrication.

May be able to reinforce the tang with a strip of steel or aluminium and pop-rivets.

if it was mine i would tread carefully as the thought of that unit failing and causing a momentary lock of the front wheel or interfering with the wheel bearing next to it don’t bear thinking about

Had the same problem with this on my SPIII. The tab broke off eventually, so I welded another one on, and as far as I know it’s still going.Do ensure the unit is well lubricated internally, it’s a worm drive and will wear or seize up if left dry.