Nevada stopped. Won't start. Have sparks. HELP!

Hi all, my '58 plate Nevada (3500 mls only) and I were out having a fine old time on one of the hottest days of the year, when it suddenly cut out without warning. Having eventually got it back home (another story for another day), I’ve started to investigate, and find that I have nice fat sparks and dry plugs. Ergo it’s a fuel problem. Tank half full and pump starts and stops ok when kill switch is activated, all looks and sounds normal in there. Any thoughts before I start dismantling the fuel system?? Any advice greatly appreciated as I’m a complete novice where these electronic injection systems are concerned, all my previous bikes have had nice simple carbs… Cheers. AG

Open the tank and try to start it. If the fuel sloshies around it will be a hose or filter off or burst inside the tank.

Thanks for that, just tried it and there’s a spray of fuel within the tank when the pump kicks in, and I think I can just about see a metal pipe end with nothing connected to it. Looks as if you’re right. I’ll take the tank off and investigate further. Cheers!

Only to pleased to pass on the assistance afforded me when I needed the same.