Nevavda ie 07 stopped

Out for a spin on Sunday.
Nevada going great, revving freely, responsive and lively.
Weather dry and sunny.
Fill up.
Move on 10 mins to a cafe.
Stop for lunch.
Start heading home.
Bike starts and ride fine for 10 mins.
Stop at some lights and all ticking over fine.
Another 5 mins, throttle off going into a bend.
Tip in, throttle on and nothing.
No popping, banging, bucking or any misbehaving.

Bike turns over crisply on the starter.
Dials sweep.
Kill circuit drives the fuel pump which runs for a few seconds after the kill is set to run as it does when the injection fuse is pulled.
Both cylinders spark cleanly.
All fuses in the compartment under the seat checked and the 30A under the NS panel.

Northwest has said in the past, there is a pipe in the pump that can come off.
If that came off would the pump not run continuously as the pressure would never be obtained?
Any other thoughts?Â
Acumen alarm fitted.Â

I would go with Bob’s assessment.

Take a look inside your fuel tank after the fuel pump has primed on turning the ignition on… a tell tale on mine was cloudy petrol as the pump is circulating the fuel in the tank… the fuel filter was split on mine.

The symptoms you describe matches exactly what happened to mine.

Thanks folks.
I’ll see if it’s cloudy before I have the tank off. Don’t want to get rained on. :confused:


Yes, alot of stirred up petrol in the tank on priming. Spot on by the looks of it. Time to syphon me thinks.

OK, can’t get the fuel pipe off the red plastic tank connection. Imagine it should work like a light bulb. Gave up on that and unbolted the flange from the tank expecting the flange to easy away nicely, ha!
Why make it such a tight fit?
Anyway, I can seem to get the unit out. However, it seems the pump pumps the fuel into the filter and out the tank. It appears the hose off the pump hand come adrift. The filter looks a bit swollen so going to change it anyway. Need to find a crimp tool now.

Fuel pipe disconnection has a knack to it:

Also read his notes!


Yes that’s normally what happens.

. The filter looks a bit swollen so going to change it anyway. Need to find a crimp tool now.

If the filter is the half plastic type then this is known to burst, apparently they were designed for diesel not petrol (!). Advice is to get rid ASAP and buy an all metal version.

Getting the hose to stay crimped onto the plain smooth plastic pipe out of the pump itself is another common problem.

I only know all this from what has been written here! :smiley:

Just how do you get the pump assembly out. Does it have to be dis-assembled?

on the breva you unbolt a metal plate at the bottom of the tank and the whole thing comes out as one
yours cannot be that much different

Pleased to advise the pump out pipe on my 07 plate has a nipple. Can’t see how it came off, but now tightly crimped on. Saw a load of cloud liquid in the tank lying under the clear stuff like hot fat oil lying over gravy dripping. Presume the is ethanol sludge? If so, I think I will start draining the tank when not in use.
Anyway tank back together. Just hook it on the bike now.

Oh and Cab’s tip of the day. There is a tank drain point at the back of the Nevada’s.

All back up and running now.
Thank you one and all for your guiding assistance.
Thanks to Gutsibits for the usual quick delivery. The filter and crimps fitted fine.
Thanks to Dave Wright at work for the lone of the Crimping pliers.
Thanks to Aquila del Deserto for countless brews.