new clutch - Cali 1100

lo all where is the best place to buy a new clutch for my 95 cali 1100i and do I order all parts or just a plate? along with a linement tool or is this not needed thx gerbil

steine dinse were doing a good deal a while back for the complete set up…

There are a host of Good people who not only sell spares BUT give advice in NO order of merit do a search OR look in the …Links … Commercial section above

Here you go they all do mail order and WILL advise you also may if you ask tell you the parts you MAY need but don’t know it yet …
NEW Parts:-

Corsa Italiana

2nd hand parts:-


You do NOT NEED a clutch alignment tool you can use the gearboz cog BUT worth buying a new lock ring and possibly the lock nut as you may have to use a dtift to get it off I always use the gearbox cog as it means the clutch WILL fit and it is what will be in there when back together.

Worth (if not already done) rplacing the gearbox - engine outer nuts with “acorn” ones

Worth using coppergrease on new fasteners on the outer nuts

This job to do yourself is not THAT difficult the first time I used a Haynes manual and it took the best part of a whole weekend.

NOW I take shortcuts it is under 5 hrs 1st time you will need help Very good tips:-

Empty all fluids

Put a level sturdy stand/box under the sump to hold the bike at the correct height so once you take out the engine/gearbox bolts it stays aligned. The Guzzi workshop cradle can easily be replaced liek this I USED to use a sturdy beer crate Nowadays I use cut down fence posts and an old kitchen unit top.

You can use the “Crabbing” method to do this job BUT I prefer to take the frame off the engine and check the paint and the wiring loom is all good then really clean the engine/gearbox and repaint of coat whatever takes not alot longer and saves an awful lot of hassle in the forthcomming years.

To be fair the clutch replacement is one of the biggest tear down jobs on a Guzzi, not hard but time consuming so use it to do a good clean up and repaint as well as check up.

All that info will go a long way thank you very much , have used Rebbot before for secondhand stuff , will now start on other sites :slight_smile: