New clutch now obtained

Looking at the bits I have, the clutch housing and splined centre are quite badly notched, I will need new plates as well. It leads me to thinking that if I need a new complete clutch, why not get either a lightened flywheel or a single plate clutch. Any views out there?

Looked into this sort of thing a while back. IIRC very expensive and quite likely to be American, so add ‘shipping’ and import duty.

What you can do tho is get deep spline gearbox boss and friction plates. (?)


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Gutsibits can supply a complete single plate clutch for £395 or a complete multiplate one for about £410 with deep splines. I was hoping that someone who had experience in the performance of these would be able to give me some advice on how they compare. I fancy a lightened flywheel, I am aware of the implications of this. Anyone have any advice on the choice I am about to make?

I quite like a lightened flywheel Chris…have one on my Mk 1…spins up well…and also on the bike that carries my Raceco Killer Goose motor…
We find standard clutches the best tho…have never cooked one…the centre boss can make a big difference…the clutch was so grabby on my lemon Guy wouldnt ride it…new centre boss cured it completely…

Thanks Kate, I am almost decided, I think lighter standard clutch with a long spline centre, as it is what I know, rather than a single plate one. Gutsibits offer a kit for £162.00 and I have been offered a lightened drum by a member on here for a very reasonable sum, so I will probably go down this route. :smiley:

I’m running a standard flywheel + deep splined clutch on my T3 tourer which is ok, just nice having the heavy flywheel on the plonking tourer.
On my G5 Special I have a deep splined clutch and lightened flywheel, instant pick up and a nicer gear selection, but this has a tuned motor and built to rag around on, its nice in the lower rev range chuffing along but hasn’t got that nice heavy flywheel Duff Duff :laughing:

Can’t comment much on clutches – I think I just have the std two friction plate set up with whatever the original depth splines would be. Only problems I’ve ever had have been with warping plain plates.

Had a significantly lightened flywheel on my LM II and it was great. On your sporting bolide I would defo go for that. Want to get the flywheel lightened on Blue – primarily to speed up the gear change a little.

Thanks Chilly, I have made my decision, I was always going for a lightened flywheel as it is for my 750S replica, and I would like it to be less of a tractor and more of a sports bike! I have been offered a good clutch drum on here and have accepted the offer. I have also bought the deep spline kit from Gutsibits as noted above. All I have to do now is wait for the bits and then bolt them on!

The waiting is the hardest part :unamused:

New shiny clutch arrived from Gutsibits today. Fantastic!

I have received a lovely second hand LM 2 clutch drum today, from a member who spotted this thread. Nice drum with hardly any discernible wear and no notching for a good price. A great reason to be a club member. :smiley:

Have a 'like’for that hon…

Yes, thanks Kate, just another reason to be a member of this glorious club!

I have since found my old clutch in a box at the bottom of a pile of junk in my garage and I am glad that I decided to replace it. It has been off the bike for a very long time and has a fair amount of wear to the splines, both in the drum and to the centre. I suspect that the bike will be used (if I ever do get it back on the road) as a weekend toy and not for touring (Stelvio does that well) commuting ( I work at the bottom of the garden) or daily transport. Just waiting for the garage and workshop to thaw out :confused:


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