New Discs

I knew something was wrong when the Breva 1200 started bunny hopping to a halt and gentle braking on the motorway resulted in front end vibration.
I checked the discs with a dial test indicator and the right hand side was running 0.4mm out and the left 0.15mm, this is after 17500 miles.
Panic set in when I saw the cost of new discs and just after a expensive house revamp too.
But with persistant internet surfing I found a saviour in deepest darkest Wales.
I rang the owner on a Saturday evening on August bank holiday weekend, he was going on holiday on the following Tuesday but yes he would go in the workshop and assemble a pair which he would send when the post office opened on the Tuesday before going away.
He also took the time to go through my measurements and symptons asking me to measure the disc thickness and ring him back before ordering.
Check out the guys website which if nothing else dispels a few myths about disc warping.
I had never heard of the firm before or have any connections but one good turn deserves another.

Good find there buddy

Do we really need race style floating discs on a road bike? I mean really, the old ‘solid’ ones don’t ‘move about’

I would imagine that the problem has been caused by either the bobbins getting gunged up locking the disc into an off centre position and the discs no longer floating or a binding caliper. My guess would be on the bobbins.
Another plus for the simple old style bikes. Bolt em up solid, less to go wrong. Don-Spada2012-08-28 14:40:11

Moved to Non OEM parts section for reference.

Neither was the case. Loads of CARC Guzzis worldwide have suffered from ‘warped’ discs requiring replacements I don’t know the actul reason for sure but I wish I had changed to sintered HH pads earlier though. DaveM2012-08-28 20:07:14

i saw lots of problems with disks warping as a mechanic and it was often due to the brakes being held on after braking causing the pads to pull the heat out at a faster rate than the rest of the disk or that the caliper was sticking causing the pads to bind

I notice the no quibble 1yr warrenty on new discs is applicable only if the discs are fitted by a qualified mechanic.Mmmm!