New Forum Administrator

After the resignation of the last Forum Officer a while ago, the responsibilities for the Forum fell to the Web Officer.
I have now taken on this job - not because I didn’t step backwards fast enough, but because I deal with parts of the website anyway. I want to try and make a success of the MGCGB Forum again, especially after all the hard work Nigel put into its workings.

I’m the Web Content Officer. I ride my own bikes, mostly a yellow V7 II, but I also have a 1988 V65PA (ex Italian Police), and a 175cc 1958 Puch.
I believe in the importance of Social Media, alongside the more traditional methods of contact like Gambalunga, Rallies and Branches. I see the Forum as a library for technical Information, as well as a ‘Virtual Branch’ where Members can keep up with old friends, meet new ones, ask questions and chat about their beloved Guzzis.

Our 3 existing Moderators have agreed to stay on and help me to invigorate the Forum. Please bear with me as I can’t be as present on the Forum as I like to be due to my main website role, but do PM me if you see any problem, or have a suggestion.

Thanks Uki

Greetings! :smiley:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome Uki :smiley:

Good to know Uki, well done.


Well done Uki, the forum is in safe hands :smiley:

Cheers Uki.

Can’t think of anyone I’d trust more.
Thanks for stepping up for this Uki.

Thanks for taking this on Uki. I am a regular visitor to the forum and, as I do not have a Facebook account, this my my only online interface to the Guzzi club.

Hi Uki
Thank you for taking the role on.

Have fun

Enjoy your new role Uki

Thank you all for your Support.

Happy Holidays

Cheers Uki

Hi Uki,
thanks for all your efforts.

I’m not sure if the Forum here needs ‘re-invigorating’ - compared to the one belonging to another Club that I’m a member of, it is great, and full of life! But I suppose there’s always room for improvement…

All the best

Hi Uki,

thanks for all your work. It’s good to be able to keep in touch with ‘The Community’, esp at a time like this.



Hi and thank you.

Uki, your challenge is to increase the use of forum while we are confined to barracks. :smiley:

Even if that means we have to move our PC into the garage! (I know you all have smart phones and tablets nowadays so you are not tied to a computer like what I is)

Not to worry Nigel and Chris, I have an idea. Watch this space! :smiley:


I’m still watching :smiley: think we need a bit of fun and humour