New Member and V7ii Racer owner

Reporting in as a new forum member and new MG owner.

I haven’t passed my test yet (blame lockdown), but I know that when I do, the V7 racer with chrome tank is what I want.

They come up rarely, so when one came up for sale last week at the right price, I pounced on the day it was advertised. It’s now in a garage, SORNed pending my test, and insured fire and theft only. No work needed on it at all, it’s really straight, original and with a new service and MOT. But there are things I want to do such as bar end mirrors, accessories socket, the mandatory Optimate harness, and bits and pieces of styling. Also a decent “V7 XXX” plate.

It’s V7ii Racer ABS number 100/1000 btw, a good number.

Once I pass (hopefully in the next couple of months), I look forward to meeting those of you in the South Downs area.

Sounds excellent, and a good incentive to get on with things as soon as you are able.

Once I’d passed my test I was still rolling around on my CD175. Did mean I could carry my GF further afield mind.

Welcome and good luck with the test. Keep an eye on the tank, there have been reports on here of them changing dimensionally (and not into the 4th dimension) and also issues with the chrome finish. I understand that there was one that won a prize at a VMCC festival as the best customised bike, the judges didn’t realise that it was a stock factory cafe racer!

Best wishes