New member in Bath

Getting myself acquainted with all things Guzzi after taking delivery of a new V7 Centenario. First question has to be, are “we”calling these new models V7 IVs or 850s…is there a line being taken? I’m a “new new” newbie, not just to Moto Guzzi but to motorcycling…if you exclude my Kawasaki AR50 from the ‘80’s! So, I’m a ‘maturing’ rider scratching an itch (rather than a young cool dude I’m sure Guzzi would prefer to be selling their new bikes to!). I’m partially transferring from the cycling world so have an affinity with two wheels. A riding friend has gotten me into it who was determined to own a Triumph of some kind (T120 as it turned out) and I decided I wanted something similar but different and ended up here!

Hi Derek,

Welcome to the Guzzi Club Forum and I hope you will enjoy your new V7 very much.

Seeing as Moto Guzzi themselves call it a V7, I think we will stick with that name for the moment :slight_smile:

Cheers Uki

Hello and welcome!

Hi and welcome to the forum.