New member in Mid-Wales. V1000 Convert

Hello folks
I swore I’d given up bikes 2 years ago when I sold my beautiful red V50. Some years before that I had a bright yellow 850 T4.

However …
1977 V1000 Convert now sitting in the workshop. Best laid plans, etc. :wink:

It needs a bit of work but should be ready come the Spring. Currently looking for silencers and headlamp. Where’s best?
The Vetter fairing has been removed and is up for grabs. Colour, white.

Any Guzzi nutters around these parts? I’m in Welshpool.

Joe Wesson

Hi and welcome.
For parts, Gutsibits, motomecca ,Reboot Guzzi are all good. Google will find you the contact details in a flash.
The headlight unit is a standard 7 inch unit with pilot bulb. As fittred to land Rovers, old Mini’s and virtually everything that came out of BL’s Longbridge factory so they are readily available.
If you need a shell, then ebay or ask on here in Parts wanted, someone may well have one squirrelled away