New member, North Yorkshire

Hello, this is my first Guzzi, a 2008 V7 Classic, which I spotted at the dealers whilst my XSR700 was being serviced. One owner and only 2500 miles from new - it took all of 30 seconds to decide to buy it on the spot.
It’s completely original, I’ve only added the tank pads and the crash bars.
I’ve managed to put a 1000 miles on it in 15 days and it seems very much at home in the North Yorkshire moors.


Welcome. Nice one - thanks for showing us.

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Welcome to the Club, nice pictures,:blush:

Cheers Uki

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Hello, hope you enjoy the bike! This could be a long term thing with Guzzis!

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Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, I think it may well be a long term Guzzi thing!

Welcome to the club and very nice bike👍

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Welcome to the club, Hope to see you at a East & North Yorks branch meet sometime.



Thanks Chris,

I’ll try and get over there sometime.


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Velvet. And toast. Two words that were meant to get together. Good looking bike as well.

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It is a definite “thing” with a Moto Guzzi. You see it and you think “I need to buy that!” Other bikes don’t have that “feature”!! :grin::wink:


Haha, just an anagram of my first and last name

Trevor Volat? Am I warm?

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No, but thanks for that - I now have a new user name for future use.

(Feel sorry for him if a genuine Trevor Volat joins the forum)

‘Trevor’ requires an ‘r’ or two. I’m guessing Steve Valotta.

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I got similar but was trying to preserve his anonymity :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry about that!
I just use my name on other forums as I could never be bothered to make up a suitable user name.

You were correct, just needed the other “t” at the end of the last name.