New member, Warwickshire

Hi there,

I recently bought my first Guzzi after hankering over them for ~30years. V9 Bobber all in black that I’m tweaking to make my own. I haven’t loved a bike as much as this one, ever! Except for 65mph+ on the motorway with no shielding…

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Welcome! Motorways, bah! Treat your V9 (and yourself) to a route with corners ((o:

Hiya and welcome onboard

Nice ride you have there


Welcome Doc Clog, maybe get a screen? Sacrilege! :grinning:

Welcome to the fold :wave:

Welcome to the club. Very active Branch in your area, check here on the forum for the latest meeting updates. Branches are the quickest way to get to know like minded riders in your area.

Cheers Uki

Which bit of Warks?

North or South?

I’m near Our Bill’s in Stratford…

Makes a bit of a difference when you are trying to decide which meet to attend…