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Hi Everyone
My name’s Steve Cook and have just joined the Moto Guzzi Club today (2nd August 2021) and reside in Mid Bedfordshire.
I have been riding for 48 years starting off with a Vespa SS180 which I used to pass my full motorcycle licence. From there I graduated to a Reliant Regal Saloon before buying my first proper bike, a BMW 60/7.
Since then, I have had an eclectic mix as follows:
Honda 250 Superdream
Honda CD 200 Benley
MZ ETZ 251
Kawasaki GT550
BMW 1150GS
Honda Blackbird
Triumph T100 Bonneville
Triumph Sprint
Suzuki 1250 Bandit
Kawasaki W800 (Still own this one)

Anyway, two days before lockdown back in March 2020, I took delivery of a new Moto Guzzi V85TT.
The decision to buy this was very unexpected on a browsing visit to “Wheels” in Peterborough; I just visually fell in love with it’s looks and build quality.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t a demo model available so had to make the decision in the absence of a test ride.
So far, I am delighted with my choice having now clocked up about 3,000 miles; I just love the sound of the engine as it pulls under load, like a couple of galloping horses. My wife really likes riding pillion on this, citing it as more comfortable than our BMW1150 GS.
Now hoping to meet up with like minded Guzzi enthusiasts on ride-outs and events; lots to look forward to.


Welcome to the Club Steve. My hubbie also has one and absolutely loves it.

Just have a look at our list of Branches, that’s the best way to start making contact also there are a few events on

Cheers Uki


If you have read any recent copies of the club magazine - Gambalunga, there is a series in there titled - ‘Highway to Here’ where club members recount their motorcycling history from over the years. Sounds like yours could be an interesting story if you have the time to write it up and email to the editor.

And welcome btw.

Thanks for your reply.
When I receive my Welcome Pack and magazine, I will try and cobble a story together on my journey through motorcycling.

Hello Steve and welcome :smiley:

Welcome Steve

An Interesting bike list there!

As one of the 42 I thought I’d intoduce myself. I’m Jimi in the East Midlands (tbh I’m Jimi every where else too ) been riding and working on motorcycles for 51 years and my great passion is touring. I am the proud owner of a brand new V7 Stone and find it to be a brilliant real world motorcycle. Looking forward to getting out and about and meeting up with you, near and far, and attending as many events as possible. Be safe all, see you soon.


Welcome, Jimi! There’ll be a local branch that meets somewhere near you, I’m sure (allowing for the fact that ‘East Midlands’ covers a fair patch of land!). Enjoy your V7.


Hi All,
Colin here, a new member having just purchased my first Guzzi (2018 California Touring) after years of Harley ownership.
Getting on in years, but if anyone in the Louth \ Lincolnshire area would fancy a dawdle sometime I would be happy to join.
Still learning the controls and features - bit more tech than the Harley. !!

Welcome - to hook up with people in your area you could do worse than “pick a Branch” (you know your area best!) and pop a Hello! in there, too. Enjoy your Cali.

Hi Barry,
Many thanks…am looking now.
Have a nice day…

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Or look at the branches map click here or in Gambalunga

Have fun!

Hi Guzzi enthusiasts. I’ve just joined the club on New Year’s Day. Once I’ve got my Le Mans MK2 sorted I’ll be out and about on it. My story is a long one, suffice to say I’ve always wanted one.:smiley:

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